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Service Charge Accounts from £292.50 per property

Recent charges in legislation have made it more important than ever to obtain a good managing agent and to ensure you employ an Accountant who understands the legislation and can work closely with your choosen agent to ensure accurate and reliable accounts are produced efficiently and that your interests are adequately safeguarded.

We have unrivalled experience in these areas. PASS-Accounting was originally set up by one of its directors, Mr David John Elliott F.C.I.S., A.C.P.A. solely to provide services in this area and we now only undertake Service Charge Accounting work for clients.

David has an unrivalled depth of experience in the property industry. From 1987 to 1991 he was Financial Controller responsible for over 100 cost centres and branches with a large National Estate Agency. During this period he was heavilly involved in Residential Sales and Professional and Commercial services in the development of systems and integration of new branches at a time when the company was on the acquisition trail. Following a restructure of the Group he left them in 1991 and from then until 1995 he worked as Management Accountant and Client Accounts Manager in the Residentaial Lettings division of another national agency. During this period David was responsibile for overseeing the design and development of a £million bespoke Residential Lettings system that was still in use 10 years later.

During this period he was seconded for a six month period as National Operations Manager responsible for the entire Residential Lettings division of over 60 branches and 400 staff. In 1995 as a result of further restructuring David took the opportunity to develop his skills further by accepting  the position of Financial Director with a small local Property Management company that was seeking an AIM floatation. By 1999 when it became apparent that the AIM flotation would not materialise and the Shareholders were seeking an alternate disposal strategy David left to form his own company. The owners of this company its directors and former clients still constitute a significant part of his client base. Whilst David has the property management expertise and understanding and oversees all the work himself, personnally undertaking the preparation of Accounts of more complex properties he is ably assisted by, amoung others, Mr Geoff Butler F.C.A., a Chartered Accountant and Deana Tidbury F.C.C.A. both of whom have over 20 years experience who reviews every single supporting document of every set of accounts for accuracy before signing them off.

Currently PASS-Accounting prepares the Accounts for more than 500 different properties. Where we deal with a significant number of accounts for the same agent we can provide an unrivilled service on both quality and price. Any agent that instructs us on more than 10 properties per quarter will be quoted competitive fixed prices that are generally 10% to 25% less than single instructions.

Provided we are provided with a fully reconciled Extended Trial Balance and full supporting documentation and all queries are answered expeditiously we will generally turn around Service Charge accounts within 4 - 8 weeks. Both draft and finalise certified copies of accounts will be delivered to you via our web site. 

On an ad hoc basis our fees are at the same hourly rate as any other accounting service although we will offer a Comprehensive service for Lessee Management companies where we will maintain a separate bank account, deal with all payments, bookkeeping, accountancy, company secretarial and tax matters.

Example prices for small properties where we are instructed on at least 10 at the same time are:

2 units from £292.50

3 units from £308.75

4 units from £325.00

5 units from £341.25

6 units from £357.50